Sunday, August 28, 2011

8-28-2011 Private Ponds

My father-in-law let me use one of his old fly rods, so I just had to get out there today and mess around with it. The reel wasn't very good, so I slapped one of my old reels on the rod. The old line on there is a double-taper line and I had forgotten how much fun roll casting can be with a DT. I used one of my Bunny Craw flies and caught 6 fish. It was too dark to get a picture, but the last fish I caught was a sick/diseased largemouth bass. I felt bad because he didn't fight at all. I just pulled him in. It felt really good to get out again though. Surprisingly, I didn't catch anything that was very good sized. Usually there's a lot of big bluegill in there but nothing large was biting today.

Sorry about the picture quality. I had to use my phone because I left the camera at the house. Tight lines folks!

The Bunny Craw working it's magic!

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  1. I'm going to have to try a DT line if it makes roll casting easier. Most of my time on the water this year hasn't allowed for a back cast and roll casting weighted streamers with WF line sucks! Thanks for opening my eyes.