Sunday, February 5, 2012

First post of 2012!

First off, here's the first post of 2012! Auglaize Fly Shop has some big changes coming this spring and I certainly hope you folks (Readers/Subscribers, Online Customers, Local Customers) will enjoy them!

I took some personal time off this winter to concentrate on spending the holidays with my family and friends, but it keeps getting closer to spring. On an insomnia-based rush, I cleaned up the bench, dusted off the equipment, and tied a couple random woolly buggers to warm the vise up and get back in the groove. Judging by the unusually warm winter we're having here, I may open back up sooner than expected. I've also been drawing up new ideas for patterns and will have some tied up soon, but they'll be on the down-low until I open back up. (They aren't going to be available until I get to test them either. Trust me, I don't sell flops.) I think the fish will find them irresistible though. I'll be sure to update more when it starts getting closer to spring. Stay tuned!

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