Sunday, August 28, 2011

8-28-2011 Private Ponds

My father-in-law let me use one of his old fly rods, so I just had to get out there today and mess around with it. The reel wasn't very good, so I slapped one of my old reels on the rod. The old line on there is a double-taper line and I had forgotten how much fun roll casting can be with a DT. I used one of my Bunny Craw flies and caught 6 fish. It was too dark to get a picture, but the last fish I caught was a sick/diseased largemouth bass. I felt bad because he didn't fight at all. I just pulled him in. It felt really good to get out again though. Surprisingly, I didn't catch anything that was very good sized. Usually there's a lot of big bluegill in there but nothing large was biting today.

Sorry about the picture quality. I had to use my phone because I left the camera at the house. Tight lines folks!

The Bunny Craw working it's magic!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

8-24-2011 - Auglaize River

Since the wife and baby went out of town this morning, I thought I would take a short trip out to the Auglaize River. Carp was the name of the game today. The water was somewhat clear and I could see a couple of solo fish and a couple pods of fish. I tied on a rust brown Mud Bug and started casting. Within about 10 minutes, the line just made a sudden stop while I was twitching the fly in. I set the hook and had my first carp of the day on. He gave the 8 weight a workout and after a strong battle I was able to net the carp. Yes folks, I remembered the net!

My poor scum covered fly.

After catching the first carp, all of the others scattered from the area. I decided to try another area close by that looked like decent water. It was a bit of a workout because the area is basically a tall pile of rocks that juts out into the water. I seen several carp in the area I was prospecting and I thought I would give it a shot. Keep in mind that there is some visibility in the water, but it's not very clear. You can see the carp that are close to you and the ones near the surface. I made a few casts, but nothing seemed interested. Then, my retrieve suddenly came to a stop. I set the hook and I swear my reel started smoking. It's been a long time since I've seen my backing knot and it sailed out of my guides like a rocket. After a long and fierce battle, I realized that this fish was not coming in at all. I waded out to the fish and after what seemed like 103 attempts, I was able to net it. I fooled, hooked, and landed one of my biggest carp on the fly to date. Was it worth the swollen arms, sore back, and stinging shoulders? You bet! Until next time, Tight Lines!

One of my biggest carp on the fly to date!

The Mud Bug does it's job very well.

One hefty Auglaize River carp!

For all of you conservation folks, these fish were released unharmed as always.

Friday, August 19, 2011

One of my warmwater fly boxes...

Here's a quick shout out to some of my pals who wanted to see one of my fly boxes, so here you go guys!

(Notice the chewed up Dubbin' Craws? What happened? Catfish happened.)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The things we do for what we love to do.....

Today was an exciting day to say the least. It was filled with some intense moments, but it still felt good to go out and cast a fly line. I just wish things could have gone a little better....

Before leaving, I had checked the radar and there was once small cell over the county I live in. I was going to take a trip up to a new wildlife area (New to me.) one county north of where I'm at. The weather radar indicated that the storm cell was not very intense and it was not where I would be fishing. I just had to drive through it. No problem. Wow, I was wrong. When I drove about 8 miles outside of town, it started raining pretty hard and I decided to keep on truckin'. Well, I was over halfway to my destination when it started pouring. Then, it started hailing. Here's the icing on the cake though. There was a tornado/funnel cloud about 200-250 yards away from me and I had nowhere to go. I've seen a couple of them in my life and I knew they weren't just any old clouds when I seen dirt start swirling around in a field! After narrowly escaping the storm, the weather turned nice and I arrived in one piece at my destination.

I was fishing the St. Joseph River in Williams County, Ohio. It's a nice river to fly fish. Lots of creek chubs, rock bass, smallies, cats, carp, and other assorted fish that will put a bend in a fly rod. It would be perfect for canoeing or kayaking because casting from the bank can be difficult. It's mostly roll casting territory and there's only so much I can do with a weight forward fly line. After eating up most of my tippet and leader changing flies, I decided to try one of the state lakes in the area. The St. Joe wasn't giving up any fish. It may have been the water temp, it may have been the weather in the area, or it could have been any of the other 500 million reasons fish just will not bite.

To top the day off, I climbed all the way up a steep hill, then slipped and rolled head-over-heels down a 20 foot hill covered in poison ivy and sawgrass. I managed to get up pretty quickly but I was still a little dazed from my tumble. I was pretty sore and quite flustered. I decided that enough was enough and I was going to catch a fish. I hobbled over to the state lake and caught a teeny bass and a small bluegill.

For future reference, I do not plan on going there anytime soon. I'll stick with my close to home spots that are easy to access and produce fish.

My reward.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Fly Tying Tree

About a week ago, I received a product from a gentleman on one of the outdoor forums I frequent. The product is called the Fly Tying Tree and it's designed to help keep tools and materials close at hand when you're tying. The Fly Tying Tree is simply awesome. If you're like me, your desk is a disaster area when you go into tying mode. The 'Tree fits easily onto your vice and really does a fantastic job. Some folks might argue that there's already things out there to hold your tools and such. True, there are. But, none compare to the Fly Tying Tree. The 'Tree is much more aesthetically pleasing than a block of foam with holes drilled in it. It's made out of Pennsylvania Cherry wood. Believe me, this thing is good looking! Plus, it's extremely functional. Meaning, it does what it's made for. Very well. It has a place for almost anything you can think of, it takes up very little space, and it looks good! I am NOT a paid spokesperson or anything like that. I just really enjoy a well-made product and it gets two thumbs up from Auglaize Fly Shop!

If you're interested, contact Kip at:

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

8-9-2011 - Auglaize River

Since we had some rain roll through the area yesterday evening and early this morning, I thought I would try my luck down at the old hydroelectric dam on the Auglaize River. Compared to the last time I was there, the water was quite a bit higher. Surprisingly, the rising waters had no impact on visibility. The river still maintained pretty decent clarity.

I tied on a rust brown Mud Bug and threw a couple of short warm-up casts. On the third cast I caught a nice freshwater drum. I managed to catch a few more drum until I noticed something. Off to my right, there were freshwater drum everywhere! They were hanging around the moving water and chasing the minnows around. I started casting there and I ended up catching over 50 freshwater drum in about 3 hours. I would have only caught 20 but I was trying to entice a couple 6-7 pound carp into biting. Unfortunately, the drum kept eating the fly before the carp could even notice it. With that being said, I still had a fun morning and those freshwater drum sure put a nice bend in my 6wt. Until next time, tight lines!

First catch!

Picture proof that the Mud Bug works great!

This is where most of the drum were congregated. 

Friday, August 5, 2011

8-5-2011 Private Ponds - Fly by Night!

I went out and did a short dusk/night fishing trip at the ponds this evening. It's been a while since I night fished with a fly. The bass were out and about tonight. I landed 6 bass and 1 bluegill in about 30 minutes. I was using a size 10 black rabbit strip fly and crawling it near the shoreline. I had almost forgotten how hungry the bass are in the evening. The only downside is casting blind around structure. Nothing bad happened, but a little tricky. I would have gotten some pictures, but I didn't have my camera and my cell phone doesn't have a flash.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

8-3-2011 Private Ponds

Today I was determined to break my losing streak against fish. I headed out to the ponds for about an hour to blow off some steam and catch some fish. About two minutes into fishing, the neighbor let his dogs out and they decided to go for a swim and I thought that was going to ruin everything right then. After that, the dog decided to come visit me and tangled himself in my fly line and took off. Thankfully, the neighbor was very apologetic and he's a decent guy, so no hard feelings. I did break my losing streak however; by landing 5 big bluegill and 1 good sized largemouth bass who put up a great fight on the 6 weight. The fly of the day was a chartreuse size 10 rabbit strip fly. 

Yet another Fish Ohio bluegill!