Wednesday, August 3, 2011

8-3-2011 Private Ponds

Today I was determined to break my losing streak against fish. I headed out to the ponds for about an hour to blow off some steam and catch some fish. About two minutes into fishing, the neighbor let his dogs out and they decided to go for a swim and I thought that was going to ruin everything right then. After that, the dog decided to come visit me and tangled himself in my fly line and took off. Thankfully, the neighbor was very apologetic and he's a decent guy, so no hard feelings. I did break my losing streak however; by landing 5 big bluegill and 1 good sized largemouth bass who put up a great fight on the 6 weight. The fly of the day was a chartreuse size 10 rabbit strip fly. 

Yet another Fish Ohio bluegill! 

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