Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Fly Tying Tree

About a week ago, I received a product from a gentleman on one of the outdoor forums I frequent. The product is called the Fly Tying Tree and it's designed to help keep tools and materials close at hand when you're tying. The Fly Tying Tree is simply awesome. If you're like me, your desk is a disaster area when you go into tying mode. The 'Tree fits easily onto your vice and really does a fantastic job. Some folks might argue that there's already things out there to hold your tools and such. True, there are. But, none compare to the Fly Tying Tree. The 'Tree is much more aesthetically pleasing than a block of foam with holes drilled in it. It's made out of Pennsylvania Cherry wood. Believe me, this thing is good looking! Plus, it's extremely functional. Meaning, it does what it's made for. Very well. It has a place for almost anything you can think of, it takes up very little space, and it looks good! I am NOT a paid spokesperson or anything like that. I just really enjoy a well-made product and it gets two thumbs up from Auglaize Fly Shop!

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