Thursday, May 3, 2012

Auglaize River 5-2-2012

My buddy and I went out yesterday evening to go after a few fish. The river was up from some rain we had a couple of days back. Since the river was up, the fish were moving and feeding. We each ended up with about 8 or 9 Freshwater Drum. My buddy caught a few Channel Catfish too. He was using a Zebco, and I was using my 8wt. I thought it was pretty cool that the fly rod was keeping right up with live bait. We actually had a double-header at one point. The flies of the day were Clouser Craws and DDH Leeches. Crayfish brown and black were the best performing colors.

At one point, I hooked into the biggest carp of my lifetime and lost it. It nearly spooled me and even with my drag maxed out, I just couldn't stop it. Even with my 8wt. I ended up bending the hook out. It didn't look too bent, so a bad hook-up may have contributed to it as well. I'll be out again sometime soon to get my revenge on those carp. They have been messing with me for quite a while and I need to land one!

Here's a few pictures from yesterday. I'll try to get more uploaded soon. 

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