Tuesday, September 13, 2011

9-13-2011 - Auglaize River

I spent some time at the vise a couple of nights ago whipping up some mini-clouser flies that resemble emerald shiners. I wanted to test them out, so I headed out to the Auglaize River. I learned my lesson from last time and packed my 6 weight as well as my 8 weight. Once again, I ended up getting into a mess of crappie. I landed nearly twenty of them. I also caught a couple of freshwater drum and a small largemouth bass as well. I've caught many smallmouth bass from the river, but this is probably my third or fourth largemouth from there. Here'e a few pictures! Tight lines!

Not to mention, I also snagged a few shiners. You know you've got a winning combination when you snag baitfish trying to school up with your fly!

A nice-sized Auglaize River crappie.

Freshwater Drum from the Auglaize River.

Largemouth Bass

A nice-sized Freshwater Drum.

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