Friday, May 18, 2012

5-18-2012 Report

I decided to go after some carp this morning on the Auglaize River and didn't have any luck. Again. They just weren't interested. They were more interested in chasing each other around than eating my fly. Plus, the water was scum filled. I got sick of cleaning my fly off after every cast. I packed up and headed off to the Maumee River. I ended up finding a nice spot where some rapids and holes come together and make up some nice runs. I tossed out a DDH Leech on my 8wt and after a few twitches, I felt a hard pull and set the hook. After a fun fight, I landed a dandy Freshwater Drum. I cast out a few more times and had something hit like a freight train. This thing was unstoppable. It didn't help that the fish took off and headed for some really fast water. I noticed that I was about ready to be spooled so I took off after him down the bank. After chasing this fish all around the river, I ended up landing a good-sized Channel Catfish. A fun day for sure!