Tuesday, August 9, 2011

8-9-2011 - Auglaize River

Since we had some rain roll through the area yesterday evening and early this morning, I thought I would try my luck down at the old hydroelectric dam on the Auglaize River. Compared to the last time I was there, the water was quite a bit higher. Surprisingly, the rising waters had no impact on visibility. The river still maintained pretty decent clarity.

I tied on a rust brown Mud Bug and threw a couple of short warm-up casts. On the third cast I caught a nice freshwater drum. I managed to catch a few more drum until I noticed something. Off to my right, there were freshwater drum everywhere! They were hanging around the moving water and chasing the minnows around. I started casting there and I ended up catching over 50 freshwater drum in about 3 hours. I would have only caught 20 but I was trying to entice a couple 6-7 pound carp into biting. Unfortunately, the drum kept eating the fly before the carp could even notice it. With that being said, I still had a fun morning and those freshwater drum sure put a nice bend in my 6wt. Until next time, tight lines!

First catch!

Picture proof that the Mud Bug works great!

This is where most of the drum were congregated. 


  1. Pretty cool Jeremy. I've never got one on a fly rod, but the 10 pounders on spinning gear make me think an 8 weight wouldn't be unreasonable.

  2. An 8 definitely wouldn't be unreasonable. I usually use my 8 weight, but my shoulder has been acting up and my 8 weight is pretty heavy and it gets to be kind of un-fun after a few hours. There's some large fish in there and whenever I catch one, I'm always wishing I had my 8!

  3. Man thats awesome! I love drum, especially just the look of them...so distinguished. Most of ours in my neck of the woods fight like a wet sock even on a 3wt, but still fun. Ill be looking more at that Mud Bug!!