Friday, July 1, 2011

6-29-11 Northwest Ohio Private Pond

June 29, 2011

I decided to go out on a fly fishing trip in the evening because it was so nice out and I had a hunch the fish were biting. My hunch paid off because I got set up and tied on one of my new woolly worms I tied up a few days before. The bass, bluegill, and crappie were striking right and left! I managed to get 15 in about an hour. The bluegill were spawning and on their beds, which meant they were extremely aggressive. I was a little confused at first because it's a little late in the year for them to be spawning. I realize that it makes perfect sense now because of the harsh, cool spring we had. I was using a size 6 woolly worm that had a fluorescent yellow body and a hot pink hackle/tail. I'm very thankful I had more than one in that color because I had a large channel catfish break my tippet off at the bank.

Unfortunately, I had a little accident at the pond that left me with a broken foot. I stepped in a small drainage hole and fell. Now that I'm laid up, I'll have some more time at the vice to fill my fly box and supply my local bait stores I go to. Here's some pictures of the fish from that day.


Another hefty bluegill.

Largemouth Bass. Notice the fly?

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