Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dubbin' Craw

Well, as promised, here's my latest creation, the dubbin' craw. As I stated before, it's a fairly quick and simple tie for the beginner and expert alike. I tested it on some panfish and had promising results, but I'm very excited about getting out to the river and testing it on some carp and drum. It bears a strong resemblance to some of my most productive carp flies. First off, let's take a look at the materials needed before we get into tying instructions.

Hook: Eagle Claw model 084. Size 8.  (Just a standard el-cheapo hook that you can get at Wally World.)
Eyes: Small bead-chain eyes
Thread: Uni-Thread black 6/0
Body: Any brown dubbing fur will do nicely. I used brown rabbit.
Tail: Rust brown rooster neck feathers
Hackle: Same as above.

Easy huh? Well, tying is even easier. Just tie in your eyes, then wrap towards the bend of the hook. Take about 4-5 small feathers and use them as your tail. Tie in your hackle as well, and create a dubbing loop. Dub the body up the hook shank and stop right behind the bead-chain eyes. Wrap your hackle forward, then tie off and trim right behind the eyes as well. Next, take your thread and form a small, neat head right in front of the HOOK EYE, not the bead-chain eyes. Whip finish and cement. You should get something like this: (Sorry about the photo quality, I had to use my cell phone because my good camera is missing.)

So, there you have it. The dubbin' craw. I'll be heading out sometime to do some more testing, but I have high hopes for this little bad boy.

Tight lines!

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