Friday, July 1, 2011

Those good old woolly worms....

Today, I want to discuss one of the most effective flies in my fly box. The woolly worm. Basically, a woolly worm is a smaller, shortened version of the famous woolly bugger fly. While the woolly bugger is more widely known, the woolly worm works just as well as it's big brother. Bass, panfish, carp, drum, and cats find this fly irresistible. My fly shop sells these by the ton around here. Well, not figuratively speaking, but you get the picture. They're very popular. Why? Because they work. Plain and simple. My personal best largemouth bass was caught on a size 6 brown woolly worm. You can tie these flies in all sorts of different colors and sizes, but size 6 and a hot pink tail/hackle works like magic. You can use nearly any color for the body, but different species of fish like different colors. For bass and bluegill, a combination of chartreuse green or fluorescent yellow and hot pink works great. Crappie on the other hand, love white and hot pink. Smallmouth bass and rock bass seem to love red or orange bodies and the hot pink hackle/tail combination. For drum, cats, and carp, I've had my best luck with a purple body, and a yellow hackle/tail. With that being said, go grab yourself some of these dynamite little flies and head to your favorite spot. You'll have something on the end of your line. Tight lines!

If you're interested in any woolly worms, here's the link to our online store.

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