Friday, July 22, 2011

Shannon's Streamer

I've been talking to other folks on several forums about them. Let me tell you, if you've never used one, you're really missing out because these flies are really effective. Many fly fishers catch smallmouth bass and other game fish with them, but they also work great for freshwater drum, catfish, gar, and many other fish. I've personally used these flies many times and landed boatloads of drum and cats. Throw in a few carp and suckers too. They're quick and easy to tie, plus you can tie them in many various sizes and colors. I tie three different versions of them for the sake of versatility. One of them is weightless, one is weighted with lead wire attached to the hook shank, and the other utilizes bead-chain eyes. I prefer the bead-chain version myself because it gets down a little deeper, rides hook point up, and has an awesome darting action in the water that fish go nuts over. If you get some time, check out the link below and tie a few of these great flies up. I'll also include a couple pictures of the versions I tie. 

Lead wire weighted version.

Bead-chain version.

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  1. Decent blog Jeremy, I'll be dropping in from time to time.
    An interesting looking fly. I'll have to tie some up and give them a try.